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Shipping directly to the customer. 

Mat for KIDWOOD playground - dropshipping

  • Did you know that Kidwood offers safety mats in 3 sizes:

    🔸️ Original Size - fits for 3 out of 5 play positions

    🔸️ Trapezoid Mat - fits for 2 out of 5 play positions

    🔸️ Additional Safety Mat - for more movement and play possibilities

    The mats are tailored to the dimensions of the structure and can be used in various play positions.

    🤸‍♀️ But even without a structure, you can enjoy and play on the mats. 🤸‍♂️

    Easy to care for: Kidwood mats are made of synthetic leather with foam filling.

    👉 The synthetic leather makes the mats very easy to clean - just wipe away and continue playing.

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