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Thank you to all of our customers!

Your satisfaction is our priority

Great service, everything worked as agreed. We bought the Kidwood climbing frame and can only recommend it. Always a magnet for our own children as well as the neighbors' children :)

Florian, dad of M. (3 years)

Everything went smoothly. Both the ordering, collection and extension worked great. If anything was unclear, someone was always available by phone. Before the rental period ended, a reminder was even sent via email. Feel free to continue renting here.

Sandra from Vienna

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R. Schulz

I've already rented a lot of things from you & It was always very complicated. The little ones especially love the climbing frames. The offer is very diverse & the staff extremely friendly! Always a pleasure to rent from you :)

Gabriele S., 2 Enkeln 2 und 1 J.a.

We've been fans of stressfrei for a number of years now and have rented different climbing frames and trampolins. It's always a hit! It's great to be able to return them after a while and then rent them again later - the kids don't get bored this way, as there is this newness about each new rental. Ordering is always easy, delivery has always been perfect. Their customer service is superb - we see the wonderful people behind the excellent business ideas.


One of the best mommy startups I know and has enriched us so much! The equipment is all like new and especially in winter (or in lockdown) it's so great to have access to the play equipment without having to spend a lot of money buying it. And if they're only there for a few weeks at a time, they're really interesting and the children appreciate them much more. ;)

Julia M.

great devices! great and uncomplicated service!

Diana, mother of 2

From the delivery to the quality of the devices and the processing, everything was top!

Tanja W.

Our child was very happy about it. Great service!


The owner is so nice and so are the people who come to set up. It's incredibly quick and the appliances are so great and everything I've had so far has looked like new!

Julia B., mother of P. (3 years)

This is the second year in a row that I have rented playground equipment. In the winter months it is a great opportunity for my son to exercise and let off steam. So far we have had the Kidwood climbing frame and the Quadro climbing frame. The order was quick, delivery and collection worked perfectly. After delivery you will receive an email with all the necessary information about the play equipment and possible uses. Shortly before the end of the rental period you will be notified and there is still the possibility of extending it or renting another piece of play equipment. In any case, I am completely satisfied with the devices, the selection and the service. Therefore, I definitely recommend you. Thanks!!!

Emine Yüksel, Mama von L.

The play equipment is awesome. No matter how much space you have at home, you can always find the best play equipment and the children really enjoy it. Ordering is very easy, Svetlana is super nice, courteous and committed. We are very happy to know them and to actively test the play equipment ;)

Maja, Mama von 2 aus Wien

Top rental service!
The play equipment is processed and picked up is absolutely uncomplicated. Very nice team. Fair costs.
I would be happy to recommend Stressfrei.spielraum. 


very uncomplicated, professional, fast. If all sustainability offerings worked like this, they would certainly take up more. we had a lot of fun indoors in the winter!


Süüüüppeer!!!I was really super satisfied. Super sweet and friendly! The kids had fun and my neighbor has already rented equipment for her son's birthday?!!

Manuela J.

Very nice and uncomplicated contact, very flexible and reliable. The assembly was quick and it was a lot of fun!


It was really great! Good service, very flexible,  Children had a lot of fun. Gladly again! Thank you very much and see you next time!


We wanted to test the stacking stones and were very grateful that they were stress-free! Everything was absolutely stress-free and uncomplicated! We say thank you very much - and recommend you in any case - and the stacking stones too.

Melanie G.

It's simply great that you can easily borrow a climbing frame or other exercise equipment in the Vienna area. Not every institute and certainly not every household has the opportunity to have a climbing frame, a slide, etc., but borrowing them for a certain period of time is possible for everyone. Another positive aspect is that it offers the children a lot of variety when different devices are borrowed again and again. This means that the children's developmental steps can be addressed individually and the exercise equipment can then be borrowed. 
I find it particularly important that Stressfrei.spielraum is very uncomplicated and friendly. The delivery and assembly worked flawlessly and worked great. I can only advise everyone to try it out for themselves.

Die pädagogische Wunderwerkstatt

We were lucky enough to get on the waiting list for a climbing frame at the beginning of the lockdown and a week later to have the information that a suitable frame was available. The gaming device definitely got us through the home office & Kindergarten children rescued at home. The delivery and collection were quick/clean/friendly and very informative. I have already recommended it to many families who do not have space for a permanent climbing frame at home. ANY TIME. and good luck to the company Stressfrei Spielraum


We borrowed a slide. The delivery was very punctual and without any complications. The slide was very stable and our little one really liked it. Picking up was also no problem and could be arranged within an hour. Would definitely rent again!
What could we improve? Maybe offer more things for under 2 year olds.

Marion, mother of 3

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